AWS Cross-Tenant Protection and Recovery

We at Appranix are excited to announce the launch of our new feature - Cross-Tenant Recovery. Our cloud resiliency tool now enables you to effortlessly move your entire application environment from one cloud account to another within the same cloud service provider.

With this new feature, you can easily recover from any unexpected downtime or disaster by migrating your applications to a different cloud account. This allows you to maintain business continuity and minimize any potential loss of data.

Follow the guide below to enable cross-tenant recovery,

Cloud Connection sharing

For doing a cross-tenant recovery, two Cloud Connections need to be created in Appranix. One should point to the primary AWS account and another one should point to the cross-tenant recovery AWS account. Once the Cloud Connection creation is over, the recovery Cloud Connection needs to be shared with the primary AWS Cloud Connection.

Shared Cloud Connection

Refer the link to know more about cross-tenant Cloud Connection creation.

Cloud Assembly

Once the Cloud Connection sharing is completed, create a Cloud Assembly by enabling cross-tenant recovery. 

Cross-Tenant timeline

Refer the link to know more about Cloud Assembly creation for cross tenant.

Cross-tenant recovery

Choose a timeline that has a successful cross-tenant replication and trigger a recovery.

Cross-Tenant recovery

Refer the link to know more about cross-tenant recovery.