Configuration Drift

This feature empowers users to easily track changes made to their cloud resources by comparing two timelines, ensuring better visibility and control over their infrastructure.

Understanding the impact of configuration changes is crucial for maintaining the stability and reliability of cloud resources. With Configuration Drift, you can now effortlessly identify any modifications made to your cloud resources and take appropriate actions to mitigate risks and ensure smooth operations.

Value of Configuration Drift

Suppose you have configured a daily protection policy for your cloud resource in Appranix, each day, a protection timeline is triggered, capturing both the data backup and the configuration of your cloud resources. If your cloud resources experience downtime due to an unidentified configuration change, you may find yourself in a challenging situation trying to identify the specific change that caused the issue.

With Configuration Drift, you can easily compare the timeline before the issue with the timeline after. This powerful feature highlights any differences between the two timelines, enabling you to pinpoint the exact configuration change that led to the problem. By gaining this visibility, you can rapidly address the issue, ensuring a swift resolution and minimizing any negative impact on your operations.

Key Benefits of Configuration Drift

  • Change Tracking: Effortlessly compare two timelines to identify configuration changes made to your cloud resources.

  • Improved Troubleshooting: Quickly locate the specific change that caused an issue, enabling faster resolution and reduced downtime.

  • Enhanced Control: Gain better control over your infrastructure by staying informed about any modifications made to your cloud resources.

We are confident that Configuration Drift will significantly enhance your experience with Appranix and contribute to the overall efficiency and stability of your cloud operations.

Protection Timelines Configuration Drift

Protection Timelines Configuration Drift