Azure Serverless Support

Appranix is delighted to announce the expansion of our capabilities, which now allow us to offer comprehensive protection for a variety of Azure serverless services. As part of this advancement, we are proud to introduce support for securing Azure Function Apps, along with various App Service offerings such as Web Apps and much more. So now you can easily failover your PaaS serverless and App services using Appranix with a single click. This feature caters to a range of use cases and provides enhanced flexibility in reprovisioning your applications.

Based on your configured protection policy, our Appranix platform backups your PaaS serverless and App services. It achieves this by consistently storing deployment images or code alongside their configurations in a storage account, both locally and in your chosen remote region. In situations where misdeployments or unforeseen disasters arise, Appranix empowers you to effortlessly recreate your serverless and web apps, ensuring they reflect the latest configurations and the most up-to-date code or image that you initially deployed. So get started with your Azure serverless protection with Appranix now.

Azure Cloud Connection with Serverless Services

Azure Cloud Assembly with Serverless Services