AWS Route 53 Support

We are delighted to share exciting news: Appranix has expanded its support to include AWS Route 53. This advancement empowers you to seamlessly discover, protect, and recover all your AWS-hosted zones through Appranix with a simple click of a button. The inclusion of AWS Route 53 in Appranix's repertoire signifies a strategic move towards providing a comprehensive solution for the management of DNS and domain registration within your AWS infrastructure. This integration not only streamlines the process of discovering hosted zones but also enhances the protection and recovery capabilities for your critical assets.

In the domain of AWS Route 53, Appranix operates intelligently to ensure a smooth workflow. During the discovery phase, Appranix efficiently identifies and gathers all hosted zones associated with your AWS account, offering a comprehensive view of your DNS configurations.

When safeguarding your cloud resources under Cloud Assembly, Appranix specifically targets the hosted zones where Route 53 records for your protected resources are created. All records linked to Cloud Assembly resources are then protected according to the policies configured, ensuring a secure and compliant environment.

In the event of recovery, Appranix executes an intelligent mapping of Route 53 records based on the selected recovery type. For the same VPC recovery, existing hosted records are seamlessly updated with the equivalent newly restored server IPs, minimizing disruptions and ensuring continuity. In a new clone VPC recovery scenario, Appranix establishes a dedicated hosted zone for the recovered VPC, ensuring traffic routing mirrors that of the source VPC. Additionally, in the case of an existing VPC recovery with a different CIDR, Appranix identifies equivalent recovered server IPs and updates the hosted zone accordingly, providing flexibility and adaptability to different recovery scenarios.

Furthermore, Appranix now extends its support to Route 53 recovery for shared VPC setups. This innovative feature allows you to recover resources in your application account and update their records in your network account. This not only simplifies the intricate hub-and-spoke Route 53 setup during disaster recovery but also enhances the flexibility of your networking architecture.

We are dedicated to enhancing your AWS Route 53 experience with Appranix, making it not only efficient and effective but also aligned with the evolving needs of your cloud infrastructure. Feel free to explore these new capabilities, and should you have any questions or feedback, don't hesitate to reach out. Appranix is committed to providing a robust and intelligent solution for your cloud resilience needs.