AWS Snapshot - Delta/Size Calculation

Exciting Announcement! We're thrilled to introduce a new enhancement in Appranix’s protection insights that helps in calculating Delta/size changes happening between your AWS Snapshots! With this cutting-edge feature, tracking changes in your AWS snapshots will be easier. Now, you can calculate the size difference between your snapshots, providing invaluable insight into your data's evolution. Dive into the world of Appranix and unlock new possibilities while enjoying enhanced ease of use. Stay ahead of the curve and make the most out of your AWS environment with Appranix by your side.

To access and download your protection insight report,

  • Open the Cloud Assembly list page and choose your desired Cloud Assembly.

  • Navigate to the timeline pane.

  • From there, select the desired timeline that corresponds to the information you're seeking.

  • Once you've chosen the appropriate timeline, proceed to download your protection insight report by clicking the three dots. Gain valuable insights into your cloud environment's resilience through Appranix.

AWS Snapshot - Delta/Size Calculation Timeline List page

AWS Snapshot - Delta/Size Calculation Protection Summary Page

Sample Report

AWS Snapshot - Delta/Size Calculation Sample Report