Getting Started with Container Resilience

Kubernetes Connections

Through Appranix, connect and discover Kubernetes Cluster resources automatically. You can discover and protect on-prem Kubernetes Cluster or managed Kubernetes Services like Google Kubernetes Engine, Azure Kubernetes Services, or Elastic Kubernetes Services from AWS for multi-cloud resiliency.


  1. A terminal to run kubectl, gcloud and gsutil commands
  2. kubectl must be connected to the cluster that is to be protected
  3. gcloud must point to the same project where the bucket is to be created
  4. gsutil must have access to the same GCP project where the bucket is to be created

Steps to add Kubernetes Connection

  1. Enter the name and description of the cluster
  2. To install the Appranix Controller, copy and run the command on a terminal connected to the Kubernetes cluster
  3. Run the script in the terminal with the above prerequisites
  4. Enter the name of the GCP project where the bucket is to be created
  5. Enter a new bucket name to be created
  6. Once the installation is complete, click ”FINISH” to create the Kubernetes Connection

NOTE: If you are going to recover to another cluster, then while adding that cluster, you must enter the same bucket name.

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