Recover to Same Region Same VPC

Recovering Resources

Recover the resources in the Same VPC as the source VPC in the same region.

Network Recovery Options

If the Network recovery options is enabled, you have the option to map the source and destination subnets.

The subnets will be automatically mapped if there is a tag attached to the destination subnet. Or it can be manually mapped.

NOTE: This cross zone recovery is applicable only for Instances.

  • As the Subnets already exist in the same VPC, the recovery will skip creating any subnet
  • If there are any changes in the security group rules, the rules that was previously configured at the point of protection will be applied during the recovery
  • If the source EC2 instance already exists, Appranix will highlight saying that there is a conflicting resource and will provision the EC2 instance with a different IP address
  • If you want the EC2 instance to be created with the same IP address as the source, the source EC2 instance should be removed completely (terminated) before triggering a recovery
  • If the EC2 instance is associated with the load balancer, the recovered instances in the same Region, same VPC is not attached to the load balancer as a good practice. The addition of recovered instance to the load balancer is manual

Example: If the source VPC is say "Prod-VPC" with , the EC2 instances having the same IP as source depends on if the source VM exist or not at the time of recovery.