Vanta Integration For Automated Compliance Audits

Appranix has taken the first step in integrating our resilience application with your compliance application. By using this, users will be able to create an integration connection with their compliance application in Appranix. Once the integration connection creation is over, Appranix will monitor all your compliance DR and generate a report for it. The DR report will be automatically submitted to your compliance application by Appranix.

So now, users can manage all their DR and DR compliance under Appranix itself.

To enable an Integration connection:

  • Login to Appranix.

  • Choose "Integrations" in the left panel.

  • Click "CONNECT NOW" and login in to your Vanta compliance application.

  • Grant the required permission to Appranix for submitting the DR Report.

  • "Save" the connection.

    Vanta Integration