AWS SQS Support

We are thrilled to announce that Appranix has expanded its capabilities to include protection and recovery support for AWS Simple Queue Service (SQS). With this enhancement, all your AWS SQS resources and configurations will be seamlessly discovered within Appranix's comprehensive platform.

Here's what you can expect:

  • Discovery and Backup: Appranix will automatically discover your AWS SQS resources, and they will be backed up according to your configured protection policy.

  • Comprehensive Protection: In addition to the SQS configuration, Appranix also safeguards your dead-letter queue, encryption key, and Lambda function associated with your SQS server.

  • Efficient Recovery: Should the need arise, Appranix ensures the swift and reliable recovery of your SQS resources along with all associated components, providing you with an additional layer of capabilities for AWS SQS recovery.

This new feature is designed to enhance your disaster recovery preparedness, streamline operations, and provide peace of mind knowing that your AWS SQS infrastructure is fully protected and recoverable within the Appranix ecosystem.

We're excited about this advancement and the added value it brings to our platform.