Create Organization

To create an organization

  1. Login to Appranix application
  2. Click current organization in navigation bar > Manage your organizations
  3. Click the New Organization button on the organizations page to create new organization
  4. Mention the following detail in the New organization page:
    • Name: Specify a name for the organization.
  5. Click Save. This will bootstrap an Organization with reasonable defaults which can be changed later.

Once the organization is created, we can edit the profile of our organization by clicking the edit button in the right

  1. Full Name: Full name of the organization
  2. Description: Description of the organization
  3. Owner Email: The notifications are sent to the owner mail
  4. Miscellaneous Tags: Additional key-value pairs
  5. offers services: Provide shortcut to access the services, if checked
  6. manage assemblies: Provide shortcut to access the manage assemblies, if checked
  7. provides design catalogs: Provide shortcut to access the catalogs, if checked
  8. Announcement: The notifications that has to be displayed to all users in the organization

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