Create Users

To create a new user,

  1. Click on current organization in navigation bar > settings icon near the organization name or settings icon in the Navbar
  2. Select the Users tab
  3. Click on the Add button to create a new user
  4. Mention the following details in the user details page:
    • Username: Specify the Username of the user that is to be created.
    • Email: Email id of the particular user.
    • Full Name: Specify the Fullname of the user
    • Assign Teams: Assign them to particular team by checking the team
  5. Click Save to create a new user

Once the user is added, the user is disabled by default and a mail is sent to the particular user to set password to activate the account.

The list of users within that organization will be listed in left pane. The user can be managed as follows:

  • Remove: Will remove the user from all the teams within the organization
  • Suspend: The access permissions are paused for the suspended period
  • Reset password: Used to reset the password for that user

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