Create Cloud

To create a cloud

  1. Login to Appranix application
  2. Click current organization in navigation bar > Clouds
  3. Click the Add Cloud button on the clouds page to add new cloud to the organization
  4. Mention the following detail in the New Cloud page:
    • Name: Specify a name for the cloud.
    • Description: A brief description about the cloud
    • Location: Specify the location of the cloud
  5. Click Save to create a new cloud

Note: It is a good idea to give a descriptive name to the cloud. For example, if you are creating a cloud to group together some AWS services such as AWS EC2, Route 53 DNS, and S3 DNS, then it's a good idea to call it AmazonCloud instead of MyCloud.

Once the cloud is created, services has to be added based on the application to be deployed


  • Active: All Environments and operations activity is enabled.
  • Inert: All Environments and operations activity is still enabled but this cloud may not be added to any new or existing Environments.
  • Offline: All Environments and operations activity is not allowed.

To add teams to the cloud

  • Click Add Teams button below the team's subheading
  • Check the teams that are to be added to the cloud
  • Click Save to add the teams to the cloud

Note: The teams can be added to the cloud only if it has the permission to access the clouds

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