Create Environment

Once the design is committed, we can create an Environment by the following steps

  1. Login to Appranix application
  2. Click Assemblies in the top navbar > Assembly_name
  3. Click Environments button in the Assembly page
  4. Click the New Environment button in the Environment page
  5. Mention the following detail in the New Environment page:
    • Name: Specify a name for the Environment.
    • Environment Group: Select the required Environment Group from the drop-down list
    • Administrative Status: Select the required Administrative Status from the drop-down list
    • Description: A brief description about the Environment
    • DNS Subdomain: Provide a unique DNS Subdomain so that the application once deployed can be accessed correctly as it forms the prefix of the domain name
    • Global DNS: Checking this will create Global DNS names when using multiple clouds
    • Availability Mode: Select the Availability mode whether single or redundant, from the drop-down list
      • Single: The application is deployed in single cloud
      • Redundant: The application is deployed in multiple clouds to overcome the downtime.
    • Clouds: Select the cloud and specify whether it is primary, secondary or not used
  6. Click Save to create an Environment

Once an Environment is created, the lastly committed design is pulled automatically.

Modify any attributes of components which may differ from design. To know more about the attributes of the component visit our Technical Documentation.

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