Custom Integration with Appranix

About Appranix

Appranix simplifies and automates application operations on cloud platforms.

The Appranix documentation provides a great guide to getting started, and the instructions below have more information on integrating any CI tool with Appranix.

Integrating with Appranix

Before integrating your CI tool with Appranix it is advised that you manually configure and design your platform. The platform will be deployed in an Environment with your final build values.

Appranix CLI

Appranix simplifies your application deployment using Command Line Interface. Install Appranix CLI to easily connect with Appranix and perform continuous deployment.

Appranix CLI commands

Appranix CLI commands lets you push configuration changes to a Platform and trigger a deployment.

The below commands lets you connect with Appranix and perform continuous deployment,

set Appranix URL

prana config set site= -g

The above command sets the Appranix host site URL to connect and all the connections will use either NAT or HTTP proxy(default proxy config) as available in the operating system.

set Output Format

prana config set format=json -g

The above command sets the output format to json. It can be set to console, yaml, xml and pretty_json. The default format is console.

set Response Timeout

prana config set --timeout=0 -g

The above commands the sets the HTTP response timeout in seconds. specify 0 to disable the timeout.

set Appranix Token

prana auth set_token ${TOKEN}

The above command sets the API token for user authentication.

set Appranix Organization

prana config set organization=${SUBORG}

The above command sets the Organization, under which all the resources are logically grouped in Appranix.

set Appranix Assembly

prana config set assembly=${ASSEMBLY} -g

The above command sets the Assembly, where you manage the delivery of your services in Appranix.

update Build Number

prana design variable update -a ${ASSEMBLY} --platform=${PLATFORM} artifact_version=${CI_BUILD_NUMBER}

The above command updates the configuration of the platform design by adding the latest build number of the artifact.

commit Design

prana design commit design-commit

The above command commits the updated design created by the change in the platform configuration.

pull Design

prana configure pull -e ${Environment}

The above command pulls the updated design to the Environment.

commit Environment Changes

prana configure commit environment-commit -e ${Environment}

The above command commits the changes to the Environment.

deploy Environment

prana configure deployment create -e ${Environment}

The above command initiates the Environment deployment.

check Deployment Status

prana operations environment check_deployment_status -e ${Environment}

The above command returns the status of the running deployment in an Environment if we require the final state of the deployment triggered by the previous command.

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