Application Discovery Integration

  1. Login to Appranix and select your organization from the navigation bar.
  2. Select Quick Start from the drop-down menu.
    Quick Start
  3. Select Automated Multi-Cloud App Service Catalogs from the quickstart wizard.
    Quick Start Wizard
  4. Create a new Discovery Provider Account by clicking New.
  5. Configure your Discovery Account Settings using the below details. For example, add RISC Networks CloudScape discovery details as below.
    Discovery Provider Configuration
    • Select Cloudscape under Discovery Engine.
    • For Account Name, provide the specific name for Cloudscape Account Identification.
    • For User ID and Password, provide the details used in Cloudscape Discovery Engine.
    • For API Details
      • Provide the API key and API URL from the Cloudscape REST API account.
      • Provide the Assessment Code for the specific discovery assessment account.
  6. Click Save to create a new Discovery Provider Account.
  7. Select your account from the Discovery Provider Accounts list to view the Discovered Applications.
  8. Click Create Assembly to create an Assembly for your application stacks and manage the delivery of your services.
    Stack List
  9. Create a cloud account to deploy your application.
  10. Setup your AWS Account by following the
  11. To deploy your Discovered Application you need to give permission to your AWS account by using the AWS account policy document given below.
    "Version": "2012-10-17",
            "Sid": "VisualEditor0",
            "Effect": "Allow",
            "Action": "iam:CreateServiceLinkedRole",
            "Resource": "*",
            "Condition": {
                "StringEquals": {
                    "iam:AWSServiceName": [
            "Sid": "VisualEditor1",
            "Effect": "Allow",
            "Action": [
            "Resource": "*"

Simplify Cloud Migration with Appranix and RiscNetworks

  1. Select Automated Multi-Cloud App Service Catalog
    After login, select the “Quick Start” from Left Navigation Menu and select the “Automated Multi-Cloud App Service Catalogs” as shown below.

  2. New Discovery Account.
    For demo purposes, a “DemoCloud” account has been already setup. Click ‘New’ button to create the new discovery account settings, if required.
    New Acnt
    For new discovery setup, select the Discovery engine as CloudScape Discovery and Provide the necessary details for account settings like (1) Cloudscape account details and (2) API details.

    Once the settings are saved, Appranix automatically discovers/copies application details from CloudScape.
    New Account

  3. To View all the Discovered Applications
    Click “DemoCloud” to view all the discovered application

  4. Application List
    List view of all the discovered applications for easier Assembly creation. In Appranix, Assemblies are cloud infrastructure services represented in the form of Infrastructure-as-code.

  5. Create Assembly
    Create Assembly by clicking as shown in the below screen. This process automatically creates AWS infrastructure representations from CloudScape discovered on-prem infrastructure components.

    1. AWS EC2 Instance Mapping:
      Appranix automatically creates a representation of EC2 instance equivalent of an on-prem VMware discovered through CloudScape. For example, if a VMware VM has 4 vCPU, 8GB, and 100 GB storage will be mapped to an equivalent EC2 VM for AWS.

    2. AWS Security Group Mapping:
      Appranix automatically creates Security Group representations using port mappings between instances derived from CloudScape dependencies data. This allows for an easier application environment creation on AWS equivalent to a discovered application from on-prem.

    3. AWS Storage Mapping:
      Appranix automatically maps the closest EBS storage size from CloudScape discovered on-prem instance storage.

    4. AMI Image Mapping:
      Appranix doesn’t do any lift and shift of on-prem VMs to AWS or any other cloud. This process has to be automated using another tool designed for extracting VMware VMs and converting those VMs into EC2 equivalents and storing them on S3 buckets. Appranix can be integrated into services like AWS Server Migration Service, or CloudEndure or RiverMeadow or similar services.
      Create Assem

  6. To view all Assemblies, click the left navigation 'Assemblies' Menu

  7. Platforms
    All the platforms are listed under the selected Assembly “AutoApp-05”. Click a platform to view all the instances and security groups associated with that particular platform.
    Platform one

    Platform two

  8. Assembly Design Diagram
    Assembly Summary tab shows the design diagram of the created Assembly. The design diagram reflects the connectivity of the instances and dependencies similar to CloudScape. All the details of the instances will be mapped appropriately based on the data derived from CloudScape. Instances without proper names will be marked as Unknown.
    Network Img

    Appranix Assembly representation of AWS instances and dependencies from CloudScape.
    Network Tree


  9. Optimize AWS infrastructure for the Selected Applications
    Select the Ec2instance Platform, click Edit to change the size of the EC2 instance and select appropriate types based on performance or cost.
    To View



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