This Project helps in Automating Director Installation.

Steps to be performed to automate Director Installation

  1. Download the OVA file from the link OVA File.

  2. Log in to vSphere web client.

  3. Click on Hosts & Clusters.

  4. Right Click on vCenter Server & choose to Deploy OVF Template.

    vSphere Web Client
  5. On Deploy OVF wizard Select Template page, select the Local file option and click on the Browse button.

    Select Template
  6. Specify the location where Appranix_Director.ova template is downloaded and click Next.

  7. On the Select a name and folder page, enter a unique name for the virtual machine or vAPP, select a deployment location, and click Next.

    Select a name and folder
  8. On the Select a resource page, select the host or a cluster where you need to run the virtual machine or vAPP and click next.

    Select a resource
  9. On the Review details page, verify the OVA template details and click Next.

    Review details
  10. On the Select storage page, define where to store the files for the deployed OVA template.

    Select storage
  11. On the Select Network page, select a source network and map it to a destination network Click Next.

    Select Network
  12. On the Customize Template page, enter the following details:

    i) Appranix Account

    API Token: Copy the API Token from profile page in authentication section Appranix.


    API Token

    ii) Appranix Docker Registry

    1. Username: demouser

    2. Password: xxxxxx

    3. Email: Enter a valid email id.

    iii) Director Control panel

    Enter a username and password to set up the Director control panel. Network

    1. IP: Enter an IP that you want to assign to the virtual machine or vAPP.

    2. Netmask: Enter a netmask that you want to allocate to the virtual machine or vAPP.(Valid values are 8,16,24,32)

    3. Hostname: Enter a hostname that you want to assign to the virtual machine or vAPP.

    4. DNS: Enter the primary and secondary DNS that you want to assign to the virtual machine or vAPP.

    5. Gateway: Enter a valid gateway.

    6. Proxy Authentication Required

    Setup proxy: Enter 'Y'(Yes) if you need proxy configuration or else type 'N'(No). Enter a host and proxy if needed or else skip it and Click Next.

    Customization template
  13. On the Ready to complete page, review the configuration and click Finish.

    Ready to complete
  14. After successful deployment , power on the machine and login.

  15. Copy the data of the file /root/appranix-data/ssl/root-ca.pem and create a file named as root-ca.pem in your local machine and paste the copied data into it.

  16. Import the root-ca.pem file in your browser into the certificate section and restart the browser.

  17. Enter the URL stated in the certificate along with https:// in the browser where the certificate was added.

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