Getting Started with Container Resilience for AWS


  1. AWS, kubectl, curl executables on the bash terminal from where you will be running installation script
  2. An S3 bucket with Acces Key ID and Access Key Secret to access the bucket. Click here for more details
  3. kubectl connection to the EKS cluster

Steps to add Kubernetes Connection

  1. Go to appranix and click Kubernetes Connections
  3. Enter the name and description of the cluster
  4. Select the AWS tab, copy and run the command on a terminal connected to the Kubernetes cluster
  5. Run the script in the terminal with the above prerequisites
  6. Enter S3 bucket name
  7. Enter Access Key ID
  8. Enter Access Key Secret
  9. Once the installation is complete, click on ”FINISH” to create the Kubernetes Connection
  • If you are going to recover to another cluster, then while adding that cluster, you must enter the same bucket name
  • Appranix supports backups of persistent volumes that are provisioned using Amazon EBS CSI driver.
    Refer this link to configure Amazon EBS CSI driver
  • Appranix supports the restore of backups containing persistent volumes within the same region
  • Cross-region recovery of backups containing persistent volumes will be released soon
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