Azure Cloud Assembly

Cloud Assembly allows you to choose and assemble all the resources intended to be protected and recovered.

Azure Cloud Assembly Creation

To create a new Azure Cloud Assembly in Appranix, follow the below steps:

In General Information,

  1. Enter the Cloud Assembly name and description
  2. Select the Cloud Connection for which the resources have to be protected
  3. Choose the desired recovery region from the list of recovery regions selected during the Cloud Connection creation

In Resources,

  1. Choose the resource groups from the list and protect the entire resource group

In Protection Policy,

  1. Select a protection policy to protect the resources
  2. Protection policy can be used to define the time at which the snapshot has to be taken and the number of snapshots to be retained using a retention count
  3. A policy template can be created to fit the protection needs best
  4. To create a new protection policy template, click here
  5. The policy can be activated as by the scheduled policy, immediately triggering one policy or by delaying to the specific time

In Review,

  1. Review the general information, resource information, and the protection policy details provided
  2. Edit the details if required and proceed to finish and create a Cloud Assembly


Once an Azure Cloud Assembly is created, you can find the ACTIONS in the top right corner.

  • Option to rename, disable or delete a Cloud Assembly is provided inside actions
  • Select CONFIGURATION to configure the Webhooks
  • Webhooks are HTTP/HTTPS callbacks that can be triggered pre- or post-recovery or post-reset. Click here to know more about webhooks
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