Connect to AWS Accounts

Appranix requires a way to be authenticated and authorized to connect to the customer AWS account to provide resilience for their cloud application environment.

To add a new AWS Cloud Connection in Appranix, follow the below steps:

  1. Navigate to "Cloud Connections" and click "Add Cloud Connection"
  2. Fill the Name and Description for the connection, choose AWS as the cloud provider
  3. Select the primary and recovery regions
  4. Enable the services required
  5. Launch the CloudFormation template in your AWS console
  6. After the execution, copy the ARN number from the output section of the CloudFormation screen
  7. Register the cloud and wait for the progress of the connection to see the discovered resources

If you have technical challenges in the above steps, you may have problems with one or more of the following items.

  1. Permission to launch CloudFormation
  2. You don't have permission to create an IAM role
  3. If the copied ARN from the output is not valid, it is possibly a copy-paste error
  4. The newly created role is removed or blocked before the discovery process
  5. There is a network outage or AWS response delay that causes the discovery to delay longer due to Exponential Backoff
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