Cloud Application Resilience

Appranix Cloud Application Resilience Service offers protection and recovery of entire application environments using cloud-native services and cloud-native data lifecycle management. BCDR administrators, SREs, and Cloud Ops teams do not have to use any complicated third-party infrastructure-centric data management solutions, nor do they have to manually create infrastructure-as-code like CloudFormation, Terraform, GCP Deployment Manager for application environment recovery.

Appranix automatically discovers hundreds and thousands of data points from all the cloud resources within a cloud account, protects them based on organization backup policies, and recovers them at a point-in-time. With Appranix Application Resilience Service, organizations can protect cloud virtual machines, containers, block storage volumes, database services, security groups, load balancers, VPCs, routes, internet gateways, customer gateways, DHCP options, and much more with a few clicks and no human intervention. All the dependencies between cloud resources are automatically calculated using Appranix’s intelligent system. Users simply input a few policies from preexisting templates to create a Cloud Application Environment Time Machine from which they can go back in time to recover cloud resources or entire environments.

Appranix is a cloud service, so cloud operations teams do not have to maintain any data protection infrastructure and do not have to worry about keeping that infrastructure highly available. They can protect any number of resources across multiple accounts without re-architecting the data protection systems for massive scalability. Appranix can recover the cloud resources in the same region where the resources are protected or across another region for advanced disaster recovery, ransomware recovery, business continuity, or clone multiple copies of test and development environments from production.

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