AWS Certificate Manager

AWS Certificate Manager is a service that makes it easier to enable, manage, and deploy public and private SSL/TLS certificates for use with AWS services.

Step 1 - Import a certificate

You can use AWS Certificate Manager certificates with other AWS Services like Elastic Load Balancing, Amazon CloudFront, AWS Elastic Beanstalk, Amazon API Gateway, AWS CloudFormation.

In the AWS ACM console, choose "Import a certificate". Paste the "Certificate body", "Certificate private key", and "Certificate chain"(optional) and save the certificate.

Import a certificate

The certificate names in the recovery region should match with available certificates in the primary region.

NOTE: During recovery, the HTTPS rules in the Application Load Balancer will be ignored. Please import the required certificates in the recovery region and tag them appropriately to resolve the issue.

Step 2 - Add Tags

Users can add one or more user-defined tags to the certificate by using a key-value pair. The user-defined tags can be applied to one or more certificates.

Add tags

Add the same tags to the load balancer in both the Primary and the Recovery Region.

Add tags

Step 3 - Review and import

Choose “Review and import” to review the information about your certificate, and choose "Import".

Associate Certificate with Load Balancer

ACM can be created or imported and associated with the Classic, Application, or Network Load Balancers.

NOTE: ACM certificates must be requested or imported in the same AWS region as the load balancer.

You can use any of your certificates in ACM(Recommended) or IAM.

Using ACM in Load Balancer

Choose the ACM option to manage the certificates. ACM is the preferred tool to maintain the certificates.

Import certificate to ACM

Using IAM in Load Balancer

IAM can also be selected to manage the certificates.

Import certificate to IAM

For more information on importing a certificate using AWS Console, Click here.

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