Appranix provides options to configure webhooks for the three main events such as pre-recovery, post-recovery, and post-reset. Whenever any one of the above events occurs, the URL configured in the webhook is triggered. The webhook call is a post HTTP/HTTPS call. Appranix recommends using HTTPS endpoints to ensure secure communication.

Steps to configure the webhooks

  1. Choose the cloud assembly and click the "ACTIONS" button from the top right corner
  2. Select the "CONFIGURATION" option under "ACTIONS"
  3. Select "ADD WEBHOOK" under the "WEBHOOKS" tab
  4. Select the events you want to be notified about. Three types of event triggers are supported by Appranix,

    • “Pre-recovery”
    • “Post-recovery”
    • “Post-reset”
  5. Provide the webhook URL and if required, enter the timeout duration for the webhook execution
  6. The webhook configuration can be edited or deleted
  7. Edit the “Pre-recovery” webhook configuration to choose the “Fail On Error” option to avoid retries for a failed recovery
  8. If the “Pre-recovery” webhook event fails after three retries, the recovery will be marked as a failure
  9. In case of an event failure, that particular webhook is re-triggered for a maximum count of three retries, with a one-minute interval

Appranix now supports only the POST method.

For more details on the supported resource types in JSON and sample payload,


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