Recover to Same Region Existing VPC

Recovering Resources

Recover the resources in a Pre-Created/ Existing VPC with either the same configuration as the source VPC (Same IP Ranges and CIDR Blocks ) or similar configuration as source (but with different IP Ranges and CIDR Blocks) in the same region.

  • The following resources are expected to be pre-created in a pre-existing VPC
    1. VPC Network
    2. Subnet
    3. Route Table
    4. Internet Gateway
    5. DHCP Option
  • The source Security Group rules should be modified to have the pre-created subnet IP ranges allowed, so that the same are reflected in the recovery.

    Source and destination VPC CIDR should have same capacity and same number of subnets (to support one to one mapping). Example: (Source) and (Destination) is acceptable whereas (Source) and (Destination) is not acceptable.

  • It is expected to have the subnets pre-created with equivalent configuration as source in the DR/Pre-Existing VPC.
    Example, If the subnet in the source VPC are of ranges and

    a) If the pre-existing VPC is of the same IP range as the source VPC.
    – Same subnets (IP Ranges) are expected to be Pre-created in the Pre-existing VPC
    – and

    b) If the pre-existing VPC is of different IP range than that of the source VPC.
    – Equivalent subnets (Number of available IPs) are expected to be pre-created in the pre-existing VPC
    – and

  • The source and destination subnets can be mapped for the recovery.
    – You can use tags to auto map the destination subnet to the source subnets.
    – If no tags are added, you have to manually map the subnets.
    Example tag format: Recovery resource tag name - ax-recovery-subnet-id & value - subnet-0297f00011dba2xx

  • Routes have to be manually updated.
    For example, Nat Gateway which is created during the recovery on a pre-existing VPC has to be manually updated in the route table.