Subscribe using Azure

You can subscribe to Appranix from Azure Marketplace

  1. Search for the terms "Appranix" or "Cloud Application Resilience" on the Azure Market Place. Now, from the search results, select "Appranix Cloud Application Resilience"
  2. Click the "Setup+Subscribe" button once you're routed to the Azure Marketplace Cloud Application Resilience page
  3. Please make sure to create a new Resource Group for this Subscription. The location of the Resource Group can be chosen based on your organization's principles, and it has no bearing on how Appranix provides cloud application services for your environment
  4. After you've filled out all the information, click the Subscribe button
  5. Wait for the Subscription process to complete and click "Configure account now"
  6. You can now either create a new Appranix account or link an existing Appranix account to the Subscription if you don't already have one
  7. Fill out the form to create a new Appranix account
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