Appranix supports AWS EC2 instance protection as part of the Application Resiliency. If the user selects an EC2 instance for protection in the Cloud Assembly, all the dependent resources get automatically selected for protection. The Dependent resources include VPC, Subnet, Security Groups, Load Balancers, Network Interface, EBS Volumes, Route Tables, Internet Gateways, etc. Appranix also provides complete recovery of the EC2 instances and its dependencies in the same region or to a different region.

Yes, Appranix allows its users to choose to protect only the root disk by selecting the “Protect boot disk only” option from “Protection Options” in “Create Cloud Assembly.”
  • VPC
  • Network Interface
  • EBS Volume
  • DHCP Options
  • Subnet
  • Security Group
  • Route Table
  • Internet Gateway
  • Load Balancer
Appranix aborts recovery with a quota exceeded error message, and the AWS administrator has to take appropriate action.
  • IPv4 addresses are supported.
  • IPv6 and Elastic IP addresses are not yet supported.
Appranix is yet to provide support for an EC2 instance in the cluster placement group.
Appranix is yet to provide support for protecting the monitoring resources associated with the EC2 instance.
Appranix is yet to support this. Appranix would provide an option to select the nearest matching instance size type in the recovery regions in the future.